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A Hassle-Free Conservatory Transformation In Just Two Weeks

Posted by Clare Whitehall on Mar 21, 2019

What do you do when your office space is regularly either too hot, too cold, or getting flooded from roof leaks?

This was the problem facing our recent client, a rapidly growing British manufacturing company based in Foxton. Following a successful takeover by a larger firm, the team had moved to new offices in the summer of 2017. The office space was within a converted country house; a beautiful setting with plenty of space for the 19 people who worked there, using a large conservatory. Plenty of space – but unfortunately, the conditions were far from perfect.

The office space before work began

a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof may cause leaks and does not fare well with rough weather

“The first winter we just about managed,” recalls Sue Crann, Admin and Marketing Assistant. “Everyone was huddled around heaters as it was so cold, but we coped. It was more of an issue when it rained; the water got in through the gaps where the roof met the main house, so you’d come in and find the office floor flooded. We had towels all over the floor to mop it up!”

But it was when summer came that the situation became untenable. The extreme temperatures forced the team to vacate the office space, having to set up temporary and cramped work areas in the main house, which was far from ideal. The company manufactures precision detection instruments for medical, scientific and even space exploration use; its staff are busy, pressured and focused, and the upheaval of rehousing everyone was a real issue.

Sue was tasked with finding a solution – and Projects4Roofing were very happy to help.

A fully managed process from start to finish

The solution put forward by Projects4Roofing was the Guardian Warm Roof; a conservatory roof that transforms a seasonal addition to a year-round, temperature-controlled space that adds value and efficiency to any property. And it’s also 100% Local Authority Building Control approved - without the need for planning permission.

Properties benefit from a solid, fully insulated, soundproofed structure that looks and feels like an extension rather than a conservatory. Temperature is regulated so that the space becomes usable and comfortable all year round; a great advantage for any domestic setting, but an absolute necessity for commercial, hospitality or residential care settings.

The finished office space

conservatory transformation with a modern roof that provides great insulation

The work was carried out in the lead up to Christmas to make it as unobtrusive as possible, so by the start of 2019, the “new” office space was ready for use.

“The whole project only took about 10 working days,” said Sue. “The Projects4Roofing team were absolutely brilliant. It was a big job but they did it really well and were so polite and respectful of us being there working – there really was minimal disruption, we couldn’t have been more impressed by their attitude and consideration.”

The initial stages involved a larger team to get work underway quickly, and the whole process was managed entirely by Projects4Roofing, including all contractors, such as electricians and plasterers, so that there was no stress or hassle at all for the office team.

conservatory transformation that provides a sense of amplitude

“It was a fascinating process, and they really were a pleasure to have around,” said Sue. “They always turned up on time, they answered all my questions and were so friendly and polite. They took really good care of the property too, with sheets over everything and boards on the floor to properly protect the tiling. It was all really well co-ordinated and the communication was fantastic from start to finish.”

“We have been delighted with the results,” said Sue. “It looks really smart and very high quality, and it makes it so much more comfortable to work in. It’s a much nicer working environment and the whole project really didn’t cause much disruption at all. Absolutely fantastic service, and stunning results.”

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